Collections are data models (schemas) that you need to create in order to manage their content. You can create collection templates in JSON and MD format in Contentrain.

Custom Collections

Custom Collections allow you to create the collection schemes and their subfields you need to manage your content.

Saved Collections

Saved Collections allow you to save Collection schemes for later use in other projects.

Shared Collections

Shared Collections is a productive system where you can share any collection templates with the community and use them in your shared collection templates project.

Creating a new collection

To create a new collection, go to Collections and click to create a new collection

Collection names must be slugify.

Example: blog-post

  • You can choose permissions for this collection.
  • You can add unlimited language variables for i18n.

Edit collection fields

To edit collection fields, go to Collections and click to collection detail button.

Get more details about Field Components and Types here.

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