Creating new project

Start a new project

Go to your Contentrain project page, and click on Start a new project.

And start creating your first project.

  • Name: Project name should be unique* and slugify like that: my-awesome-project
  • Project Details: Write your project description.

Project names are should be unique globally. This means, that if the project name is already taken, you should choose another name.

Select a Git provider

You can select GitHub or GitLab for your repository.

GitLab provider will be available coming soon.

You can set a logo for each project. You can upload JPG, PNG, or GIF image formats.


GitHub Provider


Using GitHub's provider, you should have to set up some permission for your account.


  • Read access to metadata
  • Read and write access to administration and code


Continuing with starters

You can select ready-to-use JAMstack starters like Next.js, Gatsby, and NuxtJs.

When you select any starter, Contentrain creates a repository for you from your starter project in your Github account. You can only proceed with the selected starter repository. Don't forget to grant permissions to this repo via Contentrain Github APP.

You can see all our starters and get more information here.

Do you want more starters?

If you want additional starter JAMStack frameworks, you can let us know on Discord.

Setup your project

When you click Create, you will be able to connect with your Git repository and Contentrain.

Choose your repository

So, you can choose any repository you want and click on Next

And you can configure your branch settings. You can choose your master/main branch or stage branch.

  • Path: The main directory where the Contentrain JSON database is created.
  • Static path: Your media assets directory like /static

Click to Submit and begin to set up Roles


Here, you can create your user seats and choose the roles and permissions of your project.

The Admin is the default role.

Collections (Collection Models)

In Collections, you can create your own collection models, import your previously saved collection models or use shared collection models.

Creating a new collection

To create a new collection, Click to Create a new collection button.

  • Collection Name: Your collection name should be like my-blog
  • Select Permission: Choose the permissions to role about this collection.
  • i18n: You can add any language for your i18n projects.

See details about i18(Localization) here.

Markdown Templates

You can also convert your collection to markdown or MDX syntax instead of JSON. When you select Set this collection Markdown Frontmatter Template, and by setting the markdown path, you can use this collection whit the markdown editor.

For using MDX syntax on your markdown files, you can check the Use MDX format this template.

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